Underwater Robotics And Policing Tech Considered

In the aftermath of 9/11, there was a meeting of thinkers who convened from different parts of the county. Our mission was simple: how to we keep our country safe from future attacks? We considered that, should another terror attack happen, how would it happen and where will it happen? I coordinate a thinkers' forum on the internet and among the things we consider from time to time is how our vast quantity of water bodies can be entryways for terror attacks. An article appeared in the December 5, 2011 New York Times edition with the header, Underwater Drones Giving More Eyes to Police Harbor Unit as Searches Grow". This article was written by the columnist, Al Baker. It addressed a concern about the visit of President Obama. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Digital Technology

Internet Integration

The NYC Police Harbor

"The NYC Police Harbor Unit & Secret Service went over locations sweeping for bombs, then cleared, and guarded. This underwater security shows an increasing reliance on a new tactical weapon for the police: an unmanned submersible drone, remote-operated vehicle, or ROV. The Police Harbor Unit has 6 of these underwater drones, similar to those in use by the United States military and by oil companies with offshore operations."

It is necessary and important that our police force, in collaboration with the federal government strap their thinking hats on. Our Coast Guard team, as well as the US Navy, are getting every hand on board to keep our ports and military bases safe. It is a duty they are doing well at.

It is also important that we have full knowledge of what is under our waters. This knowledge will equip us in discovering agents of pollutions and anything that may contaminate our environment. These things have the capacity to arm our aquatic ecosystem. This reduces what we can get from our waters

We should also equip ourselves with what we would need to study what obtains in our underwater currents. Also, to be able to track our underwater volcanoes and monitor underwater pipelines and underwater communication fibers is very crucial.
The preservation of our waterfronts – the ports and docks and entire cruise ship industry – is highly important. While it may seem we are paranoid when we choose to have an encompassing eye on our underwater facilities, we have to out-think our enemies, the terrorists.

They are all-out to harm us, so, we must not relax because it might seem that September 2001 was such a long time ago.
It is from their successes that we learn that there are plots to use our coastlines and waterways as entry points of attack on our soil by these terrorists.

We must always keep in mind that this war we are waging is with people whose sole aim is to destroy our civilization as we know it and truncate our progressing economy and destabilize our way of life as a nation.

I earnestly desire that we consider every point raised in this article and look in the direction of underwater autonomous vehicles. Our national security is important, we must always remember this.

We must always keep this in mind.
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